Our Story

our story

Our products are made by enthousiasts, for enthousiasts

Behind Cuytenboilies stands a large group of carp anglers from home and abroad, most of whom fish on large bodies of water and rivers. A number of them are real target anglers and look for the most extreme, heavily fished circuit waters to catch certain fish.

Our core consists of 5 anglers who together form the Runningwater team. We often fish together and on a regular basis we try to show you our fishing and our chosen approach. If you are not familiar with this series you can watch it on youtube under the name ‘Runningwater’.

Until last year we worked together with several care farms where our products were packed and shipped. Given the strong current growth of Cuytenboilies we will move to a new, larger location in 2021 where we will process and pack all products together with a care group. 

From this new location we will organize in the new season every Wednesday a weekly takeaway evening where all our products will be ready to taste, smell, look at and of course take away directly from stock. 

Cuytenboilies was originally founded to produce boilies for our group of fishermen. It was not at all our intention to go public commercially, however, the demand for our boilies became bigger and bigger and we have to keep on investing to be able to meet this growth. 

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